Little Boy Makes Dad Cry With Laughter With His Hysterical Potty-Training Talk

Potty training is one of those tasks most new parents both dread and looks forward to. On the one hand, teaching your child how to use the potty means no more diapers someday; on the other hand, this process doesn’t always go smoothly and does often require some adult supervision. Parents who’ve gone through this experience can probably tell one or two horror stories about potty training gone awry. However, once the training is done, the look of pride and satisfaction on your child’s face makes it all worth it. Our kids take us through all kinds of adventures, and potty training, as smelly as it might be is just one of those things we have to help them get through.  Such was the case for the dad in this video who’s coaching his son Matty to use the potty properly. However, it turns out that for such a little boy, Matty has quite a tremendous personality as well as a lot to say about the situation. Mom is on hand filming as Matty proudly declares the he “peed!” However, when his dad tells him that he thought he “pooped,” too, the young man furrows his brow and bellows, “I didn’t poop! I peed!” At this point, the dad just starts to lose it as he says out loud, “I just can’t!” And Matty adorably turns his head in concern and asks, “Daddy?” as his dad holds his eyes while laughing uncontrollably! You can watch Matty and his father’s adorably hilarious potty-talk conversation in the video below.