Man Expecting Quintuplets Learns Truth After Midwife Exposes Girlfriend’s Huge Lie

Many men dream of the day they become a father. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences anyone could have, and it gives dads a new sense of purpose and perspective on life. Soon everything becomes about their family, and they strive to move heaven and earth to safeguard their wellbeing and happiness. Paul Servant was looking forward to this new chapter in his life after his girlfriend told him they were expecting their first child. Paul was even more thrilled when Barbara said that she wasn’t expecting just one, but five babies! At first, Barbara told her boyfriend that she was having twins. But as she continued to grow, the number of babies kept going up. Then one day, she told him they were expecting Quintuplets! Little did Paul know he was being taken on a harsh ride the entire time! Paul first met Barbara online, and after a few messages, the two began a serious relationship. Two months after they started dating, Barbara informed him she was with child. While many boyfriends would not be thrilled to learn the woman they’d only been dating for two months was pregnant, Paul’s reaction was the opposite. He was thrilled. After learning they were having twins, he was even more excited! As the pregnancy continued and Barbara’s belly kept getting more prominent, she eventually would tell the expectant dad that he would be the father of five children. While Paul felt overwhelmed, he was also determined to make things work for his pending family. Paul informed his parents about Barbara’s pregnancy and soon had five grandchildren and also shared his news on social media with his family and friends. Everyone was looking forward to Barbara’s big day. At home, Paul had already created a baby room with five cribs. Donations were also coming in to help Paul care for his children, but then they paid a visit to the hospital. When the couple’s midwife ran some blood tests on the pregnant mom, she discovered that Barbara was not pregnant at all! After running some tests, they concluded that she was having what’s called a phantom pregnancy. This condition occurs when a woman displays all the pregnancy symptoms without being pregnant. This news devastated Paul, who was one hundred percent ready to become a father. He even had his children’s names all picked out. We don’t know if he and Barbara are still together, but we certainly wish this poor man all the best in the future. We hope he can fulfill his dream of being a dad someday. You can also watch a video about this story below. Thanks for reading. Please be so kind as to pass this story along to your friends and family?