Man Finds A Spider/Scorpion Hybrid

There tend to be two different types of people in this world, those who hate spiders and those who tolerate them. For individuals who have a true hatred of spiders, it isn’t often because they have something against them personally, it is because it is a phobia. In reality, arachnophobia is one of the most common types of extreme fears that people experience. It can sometimes even be life-altering, especially when you see a spider that is especially large.

Speaking of large spiders, we happened to hear about something out of Arizona and it is going to shock and amaze you. In fact, you may even wish that you had never heard about it before. To be certain, we didn’t even know that they existed but there it was, a scorpion and spider hybrid that is almost too frightening to be real. The man in Arizona didn’t have any idea that they existed so he decided to take some pictures when he found one in his home.

You probably are wondering if this is some type of Photoshopped image of a regular spider. Believe me, not only is it real, it is freakishly real.

The official name of this arachnid is the camel spider, also sometimes known as a wind scorpion. Certain traits make it similar to both a spider and a scorpion. It has pinchers and a jaw so it appears to be a scorpion but it is actually an arachnid.

The man in Phoenix found this creature living in his home. He had been in the area for 37 years but had never seen one.

The camel spider may appear as if it has 10 legs but it only has eight. The other two are known as chelicerae. It is actually a part of the spider’s mouth and transfers sperm to the reproductive tract of the female.

If that isn’t enough to freak you out, you might be interested in knowing that it has one of the largest body to jaw ratios of anything on earth.

The camel spider is no small fry. It may grow large enough that it could eat lizards, birds and small rodents.

The homeowner is looking for an exterminator and said: “We do have a small pet, and I wouldn’t want anything to hurt her, she’s kind of old.”

Although this story may seem hopeless, there is actually a bright side to it. The spider is not poisonous and they are unlikely to harm you.

Then again, realizing that they are harmless does keep us from cowering in fear if we see one.

I have to admit, I hate a regular-sized spider so I couldn’t imagine coming across one of these. Maybe Arizona is off my bucket list after all.