Man Thinks He’s Rescuing A Puppy, Reaches Behind Trash Can For More

Chris Ouwerkerk of the Michigan Humane Society responded to a call about a puppy who was thrown out and tied to an old couch on the curb. It was rainy and cold, and when he arrived, he noticed the puppy sitting between the trash can and recycling can. But there was more than meets the eye. He called for the puppy, and she came running. That’s when Chris heard a kitten meowing.

 So he put the friendly dog in the truck and went over and reached behind the trash can. It turned out the puppy and a cat were cuddling together behind the trash cans to keep each other warm. Camarin and Tomas formed quite the bond with each other, and they even stayed together during their evaluations and shared the same cage! Thanks to your donations, the Michigan Humane Society was able to rescue these two pals from the cold and place them in a forever home.