Man Threatens To Jump Off Bridge But Trucks Line The Road To Save Him

When most people think about truck drivers, they think about somebody leading a rather lonely existence. It is true that truckers tend to spend a lot of time on the road and by themselves but sometimes, they may also be part of a bigger community. That became evident in Oak Park Michigan when police received a call about a man standing on the edge of the bridge. They decided to get the truckers involved and they came together in an amazing way.

The truckers decided that they would lineup the big rigs underneath the bridge side-by-side. They wanted to limit how much damage the man could do to himself if he decided to jump. It was an act of unselfish behavior that really helps to warm your heart and let you know that things are still okay in the world. We understand that people sometimes can be distraught but when others come together to help them, great things can happen.

Fortunately, the man didn’t jump off of the bridge. The police stood there for 4 hours and negotiated with him before they were able to successfully talk him into walking away from the edge. He is now receiving the help that is needed and the community of truckers were also there for him when he needed it the most.

Part of the local community has also shown their thankfulness for what the police and truckers did that night.


The local news heard from Sergeant Jason Brockdorff of the Huntington Woods police department. He told them that the truck drivers and police had actually trained in order to care for this type of scenario. They were prepared in advance to help save a life.

Even though the advanced training was in place, the Sgt. was still amazed with how quickly it all came together. When the distress call came in, they showed up on the scene without delay.


This situation has a happy ending because the man came down off of the bridge unharmed. The negotiations went well between the man and the police officers because they knew the type of dangers that he was in. The quick thinking of the truck drivers and their actions also played a big part.

This is not only something that helps us to see that people are there to help us, it also helps us realize that anything we are struggling with does not need to end in tragedy. Even if strangers are called to the scene, they will be there to help you in any way they can.

If you are concerned about somebody who may be planning suicide, you can also show them that you care and help them to see that there are services available to assist.

Twitter was used by the local police station to discuss the issue:

“This photo does show the work troopers and local officers do to serve the public. But also, in that photo is a man struggling with the decision to take his own life. Please remember help is available through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.”

You can also call a loved one, member of the clergy or 911. There are so many people that can help you make the choice to get help and live! It is our hope to never see another photo like this again.”