Man With Down Syndrome Has The Perfect Reaction When Visiting His Soldier Brother

When we have a sibling in our life, it is almost like having a best friend built in from the time we are very young. Sure, there is going to be some sibling rivalry and we may not get along all of the time but that being said, it is often our first friend that belongs to our family and they are a friend for life. Perhaps that is why you can be so emotional when we are away from our siblings for so long. We may be across town or even across international borders but the feeling is very similar.

It can be difficult to be away from your brother but imagine if your little brother works for the Queen of England. That is what happened with Sam, a young man who has down syndrome. Jack is a member of the British Army and he has been a member for a year. He is also Sam’s brother. When he started his duty as a Queen’s guard, Sam finally had the opportunity to visit him and although Jack was busy at his post outside of Windsor Castle, it didn’t stop an interesting reunion.

Windsor Castle was built in the 11th century and it is the largest occupied palace in Europe. When Queen Elizabeth II is in the area, she is either at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle. There are always Queen’s guards on hand to protect her during the travel time.

Other members of the royal guard brief sam as he enters the castle grounds. They love seeing how excited Sam is to come to visit his brother.

Jack is stationed for the day and they are now approaching the area. Sam is going to be standing nearby but Jack is not allowed to speak or look at his brother during the visits. After the visit was over, the two of them would go get a cup of tea.

The time that a guard is at their post is two hours. He comes to attention every 10 minutes, slopes arms and does a marching 15 paces in the area. He does that for five times before stopping and then shoulders his arm and stands at ease.

Just because he is standing in these does not mean that he is off duty. He needs to remain on point during those two hours, meaning that he cannot sleep, eat, smoke, sit, lie down or take it easy.

Many people consider the Queens guard to be nothing but a tourist attraction but they are a very useful part of the Army. They have protected the Royals for many years.

Sam sees his brother in full uniform and he smiles from ear to ear. Jack doesn’t look away and maintains his stoic appearance but when Sam is nearby he comes to attention.

Sam also gets to see the guards chambers behind the scenes. This is a real privilege, because many tourists are not able to see what he saw. When Jack is out of uniform, they embrace.

You can feel the love between these brothers in this touching video: