Many Believe This Riddle is Impossible to Solve, But There’s Simple Explanation

There are a lot of different kinds of puzzles. In many ways, puzzles are a way of life for us. Every day we solve puzzles without realizing it. For example, whenever we turn a doorknob or operate a vehicle, we solve a puzzle. If you think about it, folks who lived thousands or even hundreds of years ago would be mystified by some of the everyday puzzles we solve. When you boil them down, puzzles are questions that seek a solution. The puzzles we solve for entertainment purposes can drive us a little crazy sometimes, especially when we’ve spent minutes, hours, or even days trying to solve them. However, the more puzzles you solve, the better you become at puzzle solving. It’s a unique mental exercise that expands how we think and perceives problems that stand before us. The problem below has a lot of folks throwing in the towel, but with a bit of thought, the answer is pretty obvious. See if you can solve it. Scroll down to see the answer. Did you figure it out yet? The solution is not as hard as you may think. If a person in 1990 can be 15 and also 10 in 1995. This would be true if you counted the years as BC (Before Christ). You see, when your deal with the years in terms of BC, the numbers get smaller counting down to AD (Anno Domini, Latin for “the year of our Lord”). which represents the years after he was born. During AD, time restarted from number one.