Married Couple Of 50 Years Can’t Recognize Each Other After They Both Get A Makeover

Imagine being married and around someone for decades, but then not being able to recognize them after a makeover. Most haircuts or hair changes tend to go by unnoticed. But, when a drastic change occurs, you may not be able to recognize the other person. We’ve witnessed hundreds of makeovers. There are makeover television shows for houses, people, and cars. You’ll have to see what happened to this couple. Kevin and Jo Taylor have been together since 1967. One could say that’s when their love began to blossom. They even share loads of inside jokes. Apart from sharing their love since the 60s, they’ve also shared the same quintessential style of the 1960s. The couple now even has two great-grandchildren. You can thank their five kids and fourteen grandchildren. Their families have encouraged the couple to change up their look, but they have yet to do really do so. The couple has always insisted on stubbornly clinging to their classic style. Until they received their Today Celebrity Makeover. The makeover team is made up of Jill Martin and Louis Licari. Jill and Louis led an “Ambush Makeover” on the couple in which they were able to completely transform their look. They did this while maintaining the integrity of their previous style. Jill and Louis managed to not compromise on this while giving them a much needed contemporary update. The video of the couple’s makeover quickly went viral. Their style was completely transformed and the couple’s love was clearly on display in the video. The couple could hardly recognize each other. Each commented on how much younger and confident they felt with their new style. Gone was Kevin’s long beard. Remember, while we may be old ourselves it is not always the case that we need to look old too. The viral video was viewed over 250,000 times in a matter of days. It also garnered over one hundred comments. Some viewers noted the love between the couple and how necessary the makeover was. Others, feel that the makeover was completely unnecessary and that they did not deserve this special treatment.