Michael Buble Finally Finds His ”voice crush” And Their Duet Is So Magical

We could probably name a number of different singers that have incredible levels of talent and Michael Bublé is certainly one person than ends up in that list. Singing on his own, he has the ability to move an audience and bring them to tears or to put smiles on each and every face. Over the years, he has also teamed up with some other talented individuals, including Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Hudson and Mariah Carey. He even performed with Barbra Streisand, which thrilled those who have seen it. Even though he had sung beside some of the best talent that is out there, he still needed someone special to perform one particular song.

He had been on the search for somebody special to take things to the next level but he was unable to find the perfect individual for the job. That is when he happened to see The Greatest Showman, a musical. He finally found the individual that was going to be the perfect addition to his singing, even though he didn’t know who she was because she didn’t actually appear in the movie. After some digging, he found out that Loren Allred was the name of the singer and he knew that the ballad was just right for her. It was ‘Help Me Make It Through the Night’ and the results are incredible.

When you consider the past few years that Michael has gone through, you know that it has been rough on him. His son Noah fought cancer and although he was victorious in the fight, it no doubt took a toll. He even stepped aside to pay attention to his own health because he had been worrying so much about his son.

He discussed how he learned more about life in those situations he was going through:

“We’ve gone through so many hard times and we’ve dealt with this, and I’ve had to now answer the questions, that it’s so much fun for me to be able to sort of not look back at the past, and to look forward to the future and be excited about life for our family and my boy and everything. I just wanted to get away and get focused on the good stuff…

You learn a lot about life and what’s important and what matters, and you stop sweating the small stuff because you realize that most of the stuff is the small stuff… I did what I had to do and put my family first and do what anybody would have to do, but God, I remembered why I loved making the music…”

Loren also provided the opportunity for him to sing with her and he took advantage of it. It was as if he had been waiting for that voice his entire life.

He talked about the desire to sing that song and what it meant to him to find someone with the perfect voice.

“My concept had always been so strong. And in my head, it was always a duet, I never heard it as a duet before but I had always seen it as this incredible, sad, but beautiful story of two needy people who just did not have the strength to be alone anymore… I had been watching a movie called ‘The Greatest Showman’… and I realized the actress, it wasn’t her singing, so I frantically started to comb YouTube to find out who this was… and I found Loren Allred!”

You can’t deny that this is one of those matches that is guaranteed to give you chills when you hear them singing together. It seems as if their voices were made for each other and as you watch the video from the beginning till the end, you get a look behind the scenes that helps you to appreciate it even more.

You can listen to them singing together in this video: