Mistrustful Wife Washes Husband’s Favorite Pillow And Makes Disturbing Discovery

Secrets are not uncommon in marriages, and most of the time, they can be pretty innocent. Often when husbands keep secrets, they are pretty tame, such as hiding a pack of cookies in the closet while on a diet or taking off from work early to join the boys for a few beers. 

However, there are also some pretty devastating secrets in a marriage-like when a man has a child with another woman, or the wife finds out he’s married and has another family! While these examples are a bit outrageous, one woman in China recently discovered her husband’s dark secret while washing his favorite pillow.

One Sunday morning, Lin decided to do a bit of cleaning, which meant she wanted to be all the bed linens — including the pillows.

But, when Lin removed the pillowcase from her husband’s pillow. Lin noticed something strange.

A few years ago, Lin bought the pillow for her husband, and since that time, he has always carried it around with him. He uses the pillow when he’s sitting in their living room and when he goes to sleep at night. But, you see, there’s something unique about the pillow as well. It has a rubber core.


And for some reason, Lin always had suspicions about his fondness for this particular pillow.

But, when she took off the cover, Lin noticed that the core had several large air holes.

However, the odd thing was that a few of the holes appeared larger than the others.

After examining the pillow more carefully, Lin was shocked!

Inside a few of the airholes were rolled up slips of paper that turned out to be money! It looks like her husband was sleeping on his own private treasure chest!

It seems her husband didn’t want her to find out about his secret savings account, so he decided to sneak a few dollars into his pillow.

However, he never counted on his wife ever washing it!

What do you think Lin did with the money, and how do you think the conversation went with her husband when he returned home that day? Let us know in the comments, and please be sure to pass this story on to your friends and family.