Mom Begins To Deliver Baby

Today must be flashback day! Here is another priceless moment from way back in 2013! In Glendale, Arizona, Alicia, and Randy were having a baby girl and had already decided to name her Neveah. Getting ready for a new baby is the best! If you know your baby’s gender, you can start to get furniture, toys, and clothes. Then you get to decorate the nursery! Alicia had set the date for her C-section, and Dr. Sawyer was in charge. On the big day, Alicia and Randy headed to the hospital all excited about finally getting to meet (and see) Neveah! At one point during the procedure, Dr. Sawyer called Randy over and told him to bring his camera! In mid-delivery, Neveah had reached out and grabbed onto Dr. Sawyer’s finger! Randy snapped some photos and they soon went viral. The newscaster said that it is ‘hauntingly beautiful’ to see the tiny finger of an unborn baby reaching out and grabbing onto the doctor’s gloved hand. Not sure I agree with the word ‘hauntingly’ – makes me think of something scary. This is not scary, this is simply awesome! One reflex baby are born with is the grasping reflex. Neveah hasn’t even started breathing on her own and she already has the ability to grab onto things! Would you call it ‘hauntingly’ beautiful or just plain miraculous?! Let us know and share away, people