Mom Brought To Tears When Wild Bird Comforts Her While Visiting Son’s Grave

Do you believe that those who have left us continue to watch after us as we live our lives?

Regardless of your belief system, sometimes there are unexplained occurrences that reassure us that the ones we are missing are well and are always with us.

In 2014, Marie Robinson’s son Jack passed away due to a brain tumor.

She goes to his grave regularly to visit him, and one time she planned to do so was on the anniversary of his passing.

Missing her son, she whispered as she woke up that morning, asking her son to show her a sign that he is well and happy.

After work, Marie went to visit his grave and was surprised by a lovely bird perched atop his gravestone and chirping.

Take a look at the above video

When she raises her hand, the bird flies towards her and sits on the tips of her fingers, chirping happily.

I guess she did get that sign she wanted after all!

And I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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