Mom Doesn’t Want Adopted Son After She Got Pregnant, Gave Him Away To Stranger

You hear of people that abandon animals that they don’t want anymore. This story is about a child that wasn’t wanted. Billy and Victoria didn’t have any children, so they adopted Dmitri Stewart from Russia. Then Victoria got pregnant. They didn’t want Dmitri anymore. When Dmitri was 13, they gave him to a woman named Nicole Eason. It was illegal and unofficial. Eason didn’t want a child to take care of. Eason had associations with a pedophile and lived in a run-down shack. Her own children had been taken away and wasn’t allowed even to have children. Lucky for Dmitri, a concerned neighbor checked in on him and was able to get him out. Take a look at the above video… Dimitri was taken to another (legal) foster family and is now on the road to being happy. Dimitri is now 20 and his sharing his story so that it doesn’t happen to any other adopted children. Share away, people.