Mom Gets Disinvited To Son’s Wedding After His Fiancée Sees Her Dress

There may be a lot of different things that are worthy of remembering but the wedding day is always going to hold a special place in our heart. When you know that the day is coming, you do what you can to prepare for it and make sure that everything goes perfectly. Even though you may try to set everything up in advance, there are going to be times when your wedding will bring the worst out in someone else. 

That is seen in this story about a woman who was preparing to go to the wedding of her son and his fiancée. The woman posted this information on social media. It seems as if her son got into the middle of a whirlwind romance and he was planning on marrying his fiancée in the fall. The mother was happy and went to get a new dress but her son said the base of the dress went against his fiancée’s wishes. She said she didn’t want any cream but the mother’s dress had cream as the base. She said she would change the dress but the fiancé was so irritated that she disinvited her to the wedding.


 Other parents were asked to comment on the situation. It was being discussed on a popular online forum. The mother simply wanted to know if she was being unreasonable for being upset. "To say I’m upset is an understatement and he has not been in touch,” she said.

A picture of the dress was posted. It had cream along with gray and pink flowers.


 Many people thought that her future daughter-in-law was not being reasonable. One even went so far as to say: "feel sorry for your son, to be honest.”

 A mother told her to stand her ground because "pandering to her seems wrong”"Hopefully your son will see sense and not allow it,” said another.One person said that the dress issue was probably only the tip of the iceberg.Another talked about how she didn’t want to buy a new dress and what took her so long to do it.Someone was even shooting straight with her, saying that it may be that she just doesn’t like her future daughter-in-law.


 You don’t really know where the truth is but it would be beneficial if they settled things now rather than waiting until later. Better to go in a different dress than to miss it altogether.