Most Folks Fail This Simple 5th Grade English Grammar Test Big Time, Can You Pass?

If there’s a school subject that kids dread more than math, it’s probably grammar. And with the current state of texting grammar being what it is, it’s likely that a lot of folks have forgotten some of the basics of English grammar. One thing that has really saved millions of grammar-challenged people out there is spellcheck, which you can also now use on your phone. And programs such as Grammarly give a lot of writers (myself included) a lot of help putting out nearly grammar perfect content. However, there’s nothing like refreshing yourself on some of those essential grammar skills you learned as a kid. In this test, we see just how much 5th-grade level grammar you can remember via a series of questions found on many grade school exams. Now the questions may start off pretty straightforward, but trust me, they can get a bit hairy if you’re not on your game. So, give it a shot and tell us how you did!