Most People Say There’s No Hidden Cat In This Image, But They’re Wrong

We love watching cute cat videos and images for people who love cats, such as myself (15 and counting). Your social media is filled with adorably funny cat memes, and we can talk about the personalities of our fur babies for hours on end. But, even non-cat guardians can appreciate these majestic and dignified creatures, which can also be a bit silly when the mood strikes them.

Some of my favorite puzzles are those that hide secret images. Now, not all of these types of puzzles are created equal. Some are so easy. It’s almost silly to take them too seriously.

But then there are those very well-designed puzzles that really throw you for a loop, like this hidden cat puzzle, for example. Most folks simply don’t believe there’s a cat hidden somewhere in this image. But trust us, it’s there.

Did you see the kitty? It’s hiding in a bright spot, but if you pay close attention, you’ll find it.

Scroll down, and we’ll show you where this clever cat’s hiding.

There he is, the sneaky rascal!

We hope you enjoyed this challenging puzzle. Please be so kind as to pass it on to your friends and family?