Mother Treats Son To McDonald’s Happy Meal Before Jumping To Her Death and Taking Him With Her

A parent’s job is to protect their children while making sure they have all the love and support they’ll ever need in life. This is why the idea of a parent harming their children is so repulsive. These actions go against the laws of nature and everything we hold dear. 

Sadly, one mother decided that it wasn’t enough to take her own life; she also convinced herself that her son’s life wasn’t worth living either. According to reports, in 2018, a 41-year-old British mom, took her son, to McDonald’s and treated him to a Happy Meal.  After his meal, she then drove the child to a deserted reservoir in Derbyshire. Once at the reservoir, Sillett packed her son’s backpack with rocks before taking him over the bridge with her. The Mirror reported that both of their bodies were discovered with the mother and son lying facing each other in the muddy water of the Valehouse Reservoir. They were both found two days after John Spellman, Jenson’s father, reported them missing. Sillett worked as a social worker, and just before her murder-suicide, she had left a handwritten note in her car. 

 According to her letter, she decided to tie herself to her son because she couldn’t bear the thought of her child, "drifting away.” Her note made it clear that she really just wished to end her life, but she also could not stand the idea of leaving her son. The father had called emergency services when they failed to return home. he told authorities that Sillett had been "very low” days before the incident and had discussed "ending it all.” However, she never mentioned anything about hurting her son.  A hearing at Chesterfield Corner’s Court revealed that Sillett struggled with depression for many years. She had also suffered three miscarriages, with the last being just a year before her death. However, authorities believe the murder-suicide was triggered after her relationship had broken down with Jenson’s father, noting that it was a "major issue in her life.” Once the car was discovered the next day, police found her phone a well as the remains of her son’s Happy Meal. They also discovered her handbag and purse. The handwritten notes, as well as a piece of cord, was also found inside the vehicle. Toxicology tests show that neither the mother nor her son had any injuries or traces of drugs in their system. DC Fearson told the court:

"In the letter, she said she had battled with what to do. She had battled to save Jenson from ‘this world’ and never wanted to hurt him.” Fearson added, "She said she could not stand the thought of Jenson living without her. She talked about never wanting to put him through a life of pain and being bullied and singled out.”

Sillett also left letters for members of her family, apologizing for what she intended to do. She explained why she felt she needed to take her son with her. Sillett’s sister, Nicola Sillett, told authorities that her sister was one of seven sisters. She also said that as a child, Emma was bullied but was also a very strong-willed and intelligent person. You can watch the emotional announcement of the discovery of Emma and Jensen’s bodies in the video.