Newborn Puppy Thrown Into Puddle In Slaughterhouse After Cutting Its Mother’s Womb

A man, who broke into a slaughterhouse intending to save dogs, was completely shocked after seeing a newborn pup thrown in a puddle!

Actually, the pup was not naturally born, as she was out of her mama’s womb, that was cruelly cut! Have you ever seen a cruelty like this?! The poor mama was even burned alive!

It was a true miracle that the pup was still alive! So, the man directly decided to help the dog and took her home. The man knew that it would be a very hard task, but he will surely do what he can to give her the life she deserves.

Thankfully, the dog, who was named Blu, is now in good hands, and is expected to be ok! Thanks to this angel, who saved her. Watch the video below.

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