Now You Can Easily Remove Dog Hair From Your Car’s Interior

Dog’s have hair (or fur) whatever you want to call it – it gets everywhere. It is on your floors, on your couch, in your bed, and on every other surface in your house. We love our dogs, but we really have the right to draw the line when you have dog hair in your coffee! Then you take your dog out to the doggie park or to the vet, and the hair is now all over your car. Yes, you can vacuum, but it won’t get all the hair out. Lint rollers, duct tape, shop vacs – nothing will get those tiny hairs out of the car seats. There is a trick that seems to get all the dog hair out of your car – are you ready to learn the secret? Take a look at this video! Rubber gloves. The yellow, heavy duty kitchen gloves you can buy just about anywhere! Wow! Who knew?! Share this incredible hack with every pet parent you know!