Nurse Comes Into Dying Woman’s Room And Compassionately Sings for Patient.

If there’s one thing that all of us have gotten used to in recent years, it’s the propagation of bad news. It seems as if it doesn’t matter where we turn to look for good news, all we see is bad. Although it certainly is true that there are terrible things happening around the world every day, that doesn’t mean that all of us want to focus on something negative at all times. Sometimes it is good to step away from the terror attacks, natural disasters and other negative news stories to focus on something nice.

Sometimes it is not only a matter of looking for good news, but you also need to look for people who have something good to share. When you read about those kind people who do good deeds for others, it can really touch your heart. Perhaps you can look toward first responders, who are there to help when people need it the most. There is another segment of society that you can look to, because they are caring by nature.

This is a story that is not only good news, it will leave you with a happy smile on your heart. It was told by a man named Jeremiah Nicole, and he was happy to share this positive news with others. His grandmother was passing away and he knew that her time was limited. She was in the hospital and would not likely get out of the hospital but nurses were there to help her with her basic needs and as you are about to see, even more.

A good example of this is Isabelle. She is the nurse that you would want if you were sick because she goes above and beyond when it comes to taking care of people. When Jeremiah saw what she was doing with his grandmother, he wanted the entire world to know about it.

When this kind nurse found out that Jeremiah’s grandmother, Helen was dying, she snuck into her room and did something unbelievable. Of course, each of us has our own talents and for Isabelle, it is a beautiful voice. She gently held onto Helen’s arm and asked if she could sing a song for her.

Doctors are often considered to be the heroes when people aren’t feeling well. Nurses don’t get the recognition they deserve but they can take care of people in amazing ways. This nurse is a good example and you can watch this video to see exactly what she did for Jeremiah’s grandmother: