Nurse Is Caught Taking Baby Clothes From Donation Bins

Raising a child can be incredibly difficult as it is. Babies in particular need lots of care and attention, with parents needing to pay special heed to the developing milestones the baby is reaching. This is important, as a delay in growth milestones can suggest some sort of medical condition or learning disorder – the sooner this sort of thing can be caught, the easier it will be for both parent and child to learn to manage. In addition to the actual caretaking of a newborn child itself, there are a lot of preparations you will have to do too. Buying clothes, getting a playpen, purchasing diapers and formulas, and generally baby-proofing the house are some of the barebone basics that will evolve and change as the child gets older and achieves development milestones. All these in and of themselves can be incredibly pricey as it, and that is without taking into account buying toys and such for your child. So when this Virginian grandmother, Sara Putnam, found herself with sudden custody of her granddaughter. The baby, who at the time was only three-weeks-old, was an unexpected surprise that left Putnam completely unprepared. The registered nurse could not hope to afford everything the baby needed at such a short notice, and began scrounging hectically through the hospital’s donations box for baby clothes. It was a move made out of desperation – her newly adopted daughter needed clothes, and she was unable to spare the money needed for buying new clothing. This is especially so since the baby would rapidly outgrow them. She could have bought something second hand later, but by that point in time it would have been too late. It was then she was spotted by her colleague, a fellow nurse and mother named Pam Medina. Both of them worked together in Henrico Doctor’s Hospital, and were therefore not strangers to each other. Medina couldn’t help herself, and asked as to why Putnam was rummaging through the baby clothes’ donation box. Upon learning Putnam’s predicament, Medina’s heart was filled with compassion for a fellow mother. She could not bear to leave Putnam floundering on her own, and thus took to social media. On Facebook, she posted about her colleague’s plight to as many local parenthood-based groups as she could, in an effort to get some help in the form of donations for Putnam. This was done in the hope of helping Putnam by easing off some of the financial strain that she was facing. To Medina’s astonishment, she was met with a massive response in the form of an outpouring of love and care. Over the next few days, the nurse found herself driving all over Virginia to pick up donations from across the state. Putnam was set to get a plethora of baby supplies – bottles, clothes strollers, and even a baby swing set! After collecting all these things, Medina then surprised Putnam with the donations she collected. In a video recording of the event, Putnam was clearly overwhelmed by the support that was shown and given to her! What a heartwarming event!