One Letter Is Different in All of These Puzzles. Can You Find It?

Why do we solve puzzles? Have you ever wondered about that? If you think about it, it’s weird that human beings would intentionally seek out problems to solve, isn’t it? Well, part of why we do it is because the brain loves a challenge. See, our brains are constantly anticipating what we’re going to see, hear, or feel next. The connection between the human brain and our eyes is fascinating. The eyes scan information and send it to the brain. Then, the brain interprets and lets us know what’s going on. However, a lot of this takes place automatically and very quickly. In other words, it all happens behind the scenes without us having to think about it. However, when we realize that something is different in an image that has a lot of similar objects, we have to basically turn off auto-pilot and do it manually. And you know what? It feels good when we get it right. A scientific study has shown that when the brain is busy with things like problem-solving, it helps manage anxiety. Brain imaging has shown that the problem-solving centers of some people’s brains kick in when they’re working on a puzzle, thereby decreasing anxiety. In the images below, one emoji is different from the rest. Can you find it? We’ll put the solutions at the bottom of the article. Test 1  Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 How did you do? Scroll on down for the solutions. Solution 1
Solution 2 Solution 3
Solution 4