Only 10 Percent of High School Students Can Spell These Words. Can You Do It?

One of the downsides to technology being able to do things for us, such as calculate numbers and spell words, is that we soon become rustier should the need arise to do it ourselves. With programs like spellcheck, most folks can now type away, secure in the knowledge that any misspelled words would be identified or, in some cases, instantly corrected. While I’ll be the first to attest that this is an incredibly useful tool, it does come at a cost. Today, many students are growing up without retaining much of the knowledge they learned during their early school years. And out of the thousands of words we come across every day, there are a few words that are misspelled more often than others. These words generally have spellings that seem counter-intuitive to most folks. For instance, one word that always gave me trouble was Wednesday. I keep wanting to spell it “Wenesday” for some reason. And there are a lot more words out their like that, which folks misspell all the time. In this test, we will show you 15 words that most high school students struggle to spell correctly. Let’s see if you can do better.