Only High IQ Individuals Can Find The Number Seven Hidden Within The Sea of Numbers

Did you know that puzzle-solving is a fun way to kill time and benefits your brain? Plus, it can be a fantastic stress reliever as you shift the focus from stress-inducing issues in your life that you have trouble solving to problems with more attainable solutions. Also, by solving puzzles, you train your mind on how to approach solving those same real-world problems that cause stress. Below we have a special mystery filled with an assortment of numbers. Your job is to find the number seven hidden within the field of numbers. [1]

Image Source: Timeless Life

One clue we can give you is to think outside the box and look for anything that seems a bit odd. Keep looking. Once you see the solution, you’ll notice it every time.

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Image Source: Timeless Life

The Answer


If you’ve looked long and hard but couldn’t find the number seven, don’t worry. You’re not alone! It takes practice, but once you approach the puzzle from a different angle, it all becomes quite clear.

Thanks for playing. Please be so kind as to pass this puzzle along to your friends and family?


“Difficult Level Challenge: If you find the number y among these numbers, you have an IQ of 140+” Timeless Life[1].