Only The Sharpest Eyes Can Tell How Many Kids This Mom Has

Can you figure out the answer to these two tricky puzzles? Many have tried, and most have failed. Don’t be fooled. These images can be pretty tricky, although the logic you need to solve them is pretty simple. Let’s start with the first puzzle.

In this image, we see a mom with a baby stroller sitting in a park, but judging from the image can you guess how many children the woman has?

In the second image, we see an older woman standing in front of an identical image of herself. But something is slightly off. Can you tell what it is?

If you think you’ve found the correct answers to both puzzles, you can scroll down for the solution.

Did you find the correct answers?

We see the mom has at least two children in the first picture. Underneath the baby, the carriage is a soccer ball, which likely belongs to an older child, and of course, she has the baby.

In image two, if you look closely, there is a mistake because the woman isn’t really looking at an image in the mirror. If she were, her arms would be on her opposite side.

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