Picture Of A Little Girl Leaves Internet Users Dumbfounded: Can You Solve This Optical Illusion?

A photo of a touch female leaves hundreds of humans dumbfounded as they couldn’t apprehend what occurred to her legs.

The thoughts-boggling photograph changed into shared on facebook wherein it quick went viral.

It has left human beings confused and involved at the equal time until they eventually realized the component that made the lady look like she has unnaturally thin and long legs.

“Oh my goodness, I was thinking she is so thin…… and her boot came off…… took me a good two mins, lol,” one woman commented.

The viral photo has left thousands of people confused as they couldn’t see the bag.

“I thought Lord this poor child is wayyy too thin, zooming in multiple times. FINALLY, i noticed with her little hands. Y’all! I feel terrible!” another wrote.

“Cleaned my glasses enlarged the pic & finally got it! Whoa!”


If you look carefully, the little female is sincerely keeping a bag of popcorn that blends perfectly within the background, giving the appropriate illusion.

“OK it took me a long while. I kept looking at it and thinking what the heck??? and everyone saying pop corn and I didn’t see it…. finally after about 10 minutes I said Oh crap there it is lol… Got me good,” one woman wrote.

“Camouflaged popcorns!!!!! These are times we get to understand ourselves as having love and sympathy for fellow beings,” another person said.


“Didn’t see the popcorn til enlarged; was wondering what caused her legs to be so atrophied!” someone else said.

“Me toooooo !!!! I thought wow she has boney legs and a leg gap. Then I seen the pop corn,” another Facebook user commented.