Pink Admits To Jimmy Kimmel She Has Crush On Johnny Depp And Gets Royally Ambushed

We’ve all had crushes in school. You can probably remember seeing that special someone in class or walking down the hall and feeling the heat rise to your face and heartbeat race as they briefly make eye contact with you. Sometimes it could be someone you’re friends with, which can be super awkward, but it’s often someone who may barely know you exist. Finding the courage to speak to that person feels like walking into a lion’s den wearing a suit made out of filet minion. And of course, if you have the experience of confessing your feelings to your crush, likely, it didn’t go according to plan. My first crush was on a girl in first grade who had a twin sister. I bought her a cute ring out of the bubble gum machine and tried to give it to her one day. Yup, you guessed it. Wrong sister! However, it’s not typical for many adults to still have crushes, unless you count celebrity crushes. But do celebrities have celebrity crushes? I mean, after all, don’t they all know each other? Well, apparently the answer is yes and no. Yes, celebrities have celebrity crushes, and no, they don’t all know each other. This was the case for Pink, who while on Jimmy Kimmel Live! A few years ago made the mistake of confessing her celebrity crushes to Kimmel (a well-known prankster).  She said she had crushes on Micheal Keaton and Johnny Depp. Now some of you might be thinking, okay Johnny Depp I get, but Keaton? Well, according to pink, "Beetlejuice gets me every time.” And she even described meeting Depp for the first time with her husband at a record store. As you can imagine, the whole thing was uber-awkward as she was hiding behind some records with her husband prodding her to meet him. She, with his insistence she finally did go up and talk to her crush, and well, let’s just say that the conversation was pretty strange (this is Johnny Depp we’re talking about here folks). But, little did she know that Kimmel had a little surprise in store for her as he had Johnny Depp backstage waiting for the perfect time to come out. And when he did, the look on her face was priceless! Pink must have turned a few shades of pink when she saw one of her Hollywood crushes walk onto the set! She was hiding her face in her hands and laughing uncontrollably. Depp hugged her, and for a few heartwarming minutes, the celebrity pop star turned into a fan herself. The whole thing was charming and showed that anyone could have a crush. You can watch Pink’s hilarious celebrity ambush in this video below.