Pink And Sarah McLachlan Perform Haunting Duet Of ‘Arms Of The Angel’

Did you ever notice how there are sometimes pieces of music that seem to carry you away, each and every time you hear them? It doesn’t matter if you are hearing it live in concert or if it is on the radio, it is going to have the same effect. Every once in a while, however, we come across the particular performance that gives us goosebumps and we find ourselves listening to it over and over again. When it is an individual that has the ability to sing beautifully, it is a wonderful thing.

Then again, there are times whenever two people who are able to sing beautifully come together and they put on a performance that you never would’ve expected. That is the case with Pink and Sarah McLachlan. Although they have two very different singing styles, their voices blend so beautifully together that it is almost like they were born to be on the stage at the same time. Just wait until you hear the two of them singing ‘In the Arms of the Angel’ Together.

When it comes to different singing styles, these two women are about as far apart from each other as you can possibly get. McLachlan has more of a classical, smooth voice and Pink is known for her rebellious music.

I’ll be the first one to admit that Pink has come a long way since she first started but she still has that reputation.

More than likely, you never would’ve put these two performers on the stage at the same time. When they did show up on the same stage, however, it was beyond beautiful.

McLachlan began with the first stanza and Pink was there for the harmony. It didn’t take long before the audience was totally into it.

When it came time for Pink to take the mic, she didn’t disappoint. She added her own flavor and everyone loved it.

People couldn’t say enough about what these two performers were doing together.

“Love both of these women!!!” read one comment. “Two very different artists, each one incredible in their own way, come together and produce such a sublime performance. For me, this is as close to perfection as you can get!”

Others were trying to compare them with each other.

“It’s like comparing wine and whiskey,” read another comment. “Pink couldn’t sing in the beautiful syrupy smooth notes that SM sings any easier than SM could reproduce the raspy emotional tones of Pink. They are both friggin awesome.”

You can hear the performance for yourself in the video.