Pink Once Stopped A Concert When Women In The Audience Made A Little Girl Cry

Entertainers come in almost every shape and size and sometimes, they do things that are nothing short of incredible. If you take the time to go see them in concert, you may see a wonderful performance but if you go to see Pink, you may be in for a surprise or two. That is what happened when she was in Philadelphia in 2013. She was in the middle of one of her hit songs, Who Knew, when she told the guitarist to stop playing. She pointed a finger at the audience and you can tell that she saw what was taking place.

She pointed out a group of women who had made a girl cry. The little girl was apparently sobbing in the middle of the crowd and she asked her if she was okay and wondered why she was crying. When she was directed toward a group of women, she found out they had been fighting around the little girl. We can only imagine how angry this would make a performer who has children of her own. Nobody wants to see a little girl go through this difficulty and that is especially true when it comes to being in a concert where everybody should be enjoying themselves.

Not only did Pink bring a stop to what was taking place, she also told them that they were grown women and should know better than to fight around the little girl. She then told the little girl that she was beautiful and handed her a stuffed animal and rice crispy treats that were on the stage. I don’t know about you, but I just love pink more than I did a few minutes ago.

You can see it all happening in this video: