Please Spot the Mistake Before the Cook Ruins Dinner

It is always a great feeling whenever you solve a tricky puzzle. Not only is it a great confidence booster, but it also sharpens your mind, which is good for your general health as well. Plus, solving puzzles allows you to see other problems in your life a bit differently, as you can use your newly sharpened skills to break down your everyday issues the same way you would with a tough puzzle.

 Below is an image puzzle featuring a kitchen table with a lot of items on it. While the cook prepares dinner, they are making a terrible mistake that will probably ruin dinner. Can you find the error in time before it’s too late?


Image Source: Timeless Life

Most readers can’t find the mistake. If you have trouble spotting the error, don’t worry. Just take your time and carefully observe the items on the table. Trust me. The answer will jump right out at you. Okay, now, scroll down to see the answer.

Scroll Down

Image Source: Timeless Life

The Solution

Take another look at those salt and pepper shakers. Did you spot the mistake? The tops on each canister had been switched, which could have spelled disaster for dinner

Image Source: Timeless Life

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