Police officer filmed yelling at mother for leaving Two Children In A Hot Car

An honest reaction caught on video. Why anyone thinks leaving a child or a pet in a hot car is acceptable is beyond me. But the Canadian woman in this video left her children in the car and learned a lesson from a Vancouver, police officer. The woman locked her children in the car and went grocery shopping – a good Samaritan called 911. 

 The children (a six year old girl and a three-year-old boy) were removed from the car unharmed, but the temperature inside the car had risen to nearly 122 degrees. And she was only in the store for about 20 minutes! Watch how the officer tries to explain to the woman how careless and stupid it was for her to leave her kids in the car. Take a look at the  video… 


 The woman will not face any charges – but let us hope she won’t do something like this ever again.