Pre-K Owners Ban Little Girl From Attending School Because She ‘Will Scare Other Kids’

Like all parents, Sofya’s parents only want what’s best for their child. They want her to have a happy, normal life where she feels safe and valued. Yet, due to the ugliness of some folks, this has become very difficult. You see, Sofya was born with a skull deformity as well as fused toes and fingers. However, her parents only see a bright, funny, and happy child. However, some in the family’s small Russian village can’t see past her appearance, and unfortunately, some of those people run the villages only daycare. When Sofya’s parents learned that the organization had denied their daughter from attending, they were crushed. The managers of the village daycare refused to allow Sofya to attend because they claimed that her deformity would frighten the other kids. They also told her parents that they would have to put their daughter through very expensive and possibly painful cosmetic surgery before they would approve her application. However, the little girl’s parents had no money for such an expensive surgery. At the moment, they live in an apartment that has no gas or running water. They live in poverty but are tying to give their daughter the best life they can manage. One of the great things about America is that if a preschool ever did something like this to a child in today’s world, there would be intense public outrage. Sadly, things are not that way in Russia where the Zaharovas live. Their country does not have many of the anti-discrimination laws that we have; however, according to a charity called Civic Nation, these laws are slowly taking shape in Russia. Meanwhile, Sofya continues to develop into a healthy young girl, and there is simply no reason why she should be denied enrollment in any daycare facility. But still, the heartless managers of her village’s daycare would rather project their own discomfort and prejudice onto small children to use them as an excuse. Thankfully, Sofya’s parents are getting some help from a charity in their area called Rainbow goodness. The organization decided to assist Sofya’s parents and help them fight for their little girl’s enrollment. The organization is even threatening legal action against the daycare if they don’t change their decision. However, the managers keep insisting that the parents put their daughter through an operation to make her look more acceptable in their eyes. While it shouldn’t be this way, Sofya’s parents did get approval from their local government for their little girl to travel to Moscow and undergo a cosmetic procedure. It’s sad, but it looks like she will have to change her looks if she has any hope of being allowed into daycare. We can only hope that someday the laws in Russia will change, so that little children like Sofya are better protected from small-minded people like the owners of that daycare. You can also watch a video about this story.