Pregnant Mother Is ‘Brain Dead’ But They Keep Her Alive For 123 Days To Give Birth To Twins

In October 2017, Nosso Senhora do Rocio hospital in South Brazil experienced a miracle and an unfortunate incident. Frankielen da Silva Zampoli Padilha, a brain dead woman, was kept alive for 123 days before giving birth to lovely twins through emergency cesarean section. 

 Despite being brain dead, doctors decided to save the twins after their hearts remained pumping in their mothers’ womb. According to Dr. Dalton Rivabem, the head of neurological ICU at Nosso, the two embryos were expected to fail, and to everyone’s surprise, the twins fought for their life.


 Frankielen organs were however intact during 

the whole pregnancy apart from the cerebral hemorrhage. Cerebral hemorrhage can happen when a diseased blood vessel bursts and leaks in the brain. It causes death due to the rapid pressure build up in the brain. Dr. Dalton worked closely with a doctor from Portugal who had experienced a similar case that went for 107 days. The primary fear throughout the pregnancy was to keep the organs of the mother working. Mr. Muriel Padilha, the father of the twins, described the whole pregnancy duration as a miracle. He had lost hope as doctors told him that there were low chances of survival of the twins. 

 According to her mother, Angela Silva, losing Frankielen was sad and hard to come to terms with, but the bundle of joy shows that Frankielen was a warrior, who fought for the life of her twins to the end. Muriel said that Frankielen had appeared severally in his dreams. Frankielen consoled Muriel to stay strong, and move on with life since she can’t be with him anymore. Muriel vowed that he would accomplish what Frankielen told him in his dreams to take care of their unborn children. After birth, the staff nurses at Nosso decorated and made the room comfortable to give the miracle boy and girl motherly love on their first day on earth. After Frankielen gave birth, her life support was turned off to allow her loved ones to give her a decent send-off as they remember her life through her miracle babies.Share away, people.