Priest And Nun Stranded Overnight In A Tiny Cabin

Ask anyone who has ever been married and they will likely tell you that marriage is full of ups and downs. Of course, it always has its good points, and the bond between two people in many marriages is unbreakable. However, there are also times when differences exist between a couple and they manifest in some rather unusual ways. Believe it or no, this point’s illustrated perfectly in a story about a priest and a nun who found themselves stuck in a tiny cabin during a blizzard. What? You don’t believe me? Just see for yourself: A priest and a nun were lost in a blizzard. After a while, they came upon a small cabin. Being exhausted, they prepared to go to sleep. There was a stack of blankets and a sleeping bag on the floor – but only one bed. Being a gentleman, the priest said, “Sister, you sleep on the bed. I’ll sleep on the floor in the sleeping bag.” Just as he got zipped up in the bag and was beginning to fall asleep, the nun said “Father, I’m cold.” He unzipped the sleeping bag, got up, got a blanket and put it on her. Once again, he got into the sleeping bag, zipped it up and started to drift off to sleep when the nun once again said, “Father, I’m still very cold.” He unzipped the bag, got up again, put another blanket on her and got into the sleeping bag once again. Just as his eyes closed, she said, “Father, I’m sooooo cold.” This time, he remained there, giving the woman a wink and a smile, then said, “Sister, I have an idea. We’re out here in the wilderness where no one will ever know what happened. Let’s pretend we’re married.” The nun purred, “Sounds good to me.” To which the priest yelled out, “Okay then – get up and get your own stupid blanket!” LOL, you’ve got to love marriage!