Principal Is Escorted From The Floor And Teachers Storm Stage For Epic Dance

If you were to ask 100 different teenagers about their experiences they had in school, most of them would describe it as being ordinary. They might also say that it was ‘boring’ because it seemed that nothing interesting happened on a day-to-day basis. 

In most cases, they would wake up in the morning, head off to school and leave at the end of the day, just like they do every other day. They might even find that their mind is wandering when the principal is speaking at an assembly but for the students in this story, things were about to take an unexpected turn. It took place in Whitmore High School in Toledo, Ohio. The students knew that the principal would be talking prior to the homecoming football game. When he showed up in the middle of the gymnasium floor, they weren’t surprised but they were surprised when a teacher suddenly came up to the principal and told him to sit down. 

You might imagine that some of the students were excited that the principal was told to do something he likely didn’t want to do but it turns out something else was in the makings. The song, Uptown Funk, is probably one of the more iconic songs of our time. You probably have it stuck in your head for quite some time after you hear it. For the teachers at Whitmore High School, however, the pep rally was about to take a turn. Before long, they would be doing a flash mob dance routine. Only a few teachers were on the floor at first and they were dancing together. There were other surprises that showed up before too long. 

 Additional teachers came out onto the floor and joined in the choreography. One of the resource officers at the school, as well as two mascots, also were out on the floor. Soul Train was a popular show a number of decades ago. People seem to enjoy watching others dance and sometimes they would form a line and put on their best moves in front of everyone. When one of the teachers started doing the worm dance, the students were amazed. By the time the song ended there were a lot of people out on the floor. One of the teachers at Whitmore is Katie Peters. She is also the teacher that organized the show and she made sure it was taped and uploaded to the Internet. You can watch the flash mob for yourself in the video.