Proud Dad Rod Steward And His Beautiful Daughter Perform Bob Dylan’s ‘Forever Young’ On Stage Together

The music business is the most fickle industry in the entertainment world. Hit songs are forgotten about by most people as quickly as they become hits. And the artists that everyone thinks will be the “next big thing” soon become “what’s his or her face who sung that song…?” Most artists are lucky to have a career that lasts a couple of years, which is why there are so few who have careers that span decades. Rod Stewart is one such artist who has managed to produce hit after hit with his trademark, soulful, raspy rock voice that millions of his fans all over the world have loved for decades. In 2014, Stewart was joined on stage by a very special guest, his 28-year-old daughter Ruby Stewart to help him sing a very heartfelt rendition of Bob Dylan’s ‘Forever Young.’ Being the child of a famous celebrity can almost seem like a curse for many children, especially when that person’s a legendary musician like Rod Stewart. However, Ruby Stewart has managed to carve out a very successful career in modeling and is starting to find her own unique voice in music. She even formed a band in 2010 called Voltaire in 2010 and sang at her first music festival in 2016 in Queensland, Australia. On stage, when the song started, it was noteworthy that Stewart chose to shine the spotlight first on his daughter while he began the song singing in the shadows. As the two performed, Ruby and her dad complemented each other, as Ruby’s soft sweet voice blended perfectly with her dad’s soulful raspy vocals. And you could tell that this dad was just beaming with love and pride as he relished every moment of being able to sing next to his beautiful daughter. You can see Ruby and Rod Stewart’s incredible performance in the video below.