Puppy And Little 3 Birds Found Lost Their Moms Found Living Together In A Cave

A man went to visit the very green grass fields his family planted for the cows. But while wandering the fields, he heard a strange sound, so, he started searching to find the source of the voice.

After trying to track the sound, he found puppies in a cave, that’s what he firstly thought. But after taking a closer look, he found that inside the cave there were a pup and 3 birds! The man was completely shocked, and started looking around to see if there was a mama bird or a mama dog, but he found nothing.

So, the man the picked up a bird to what would it do, it turned around as if it wanted to be back to the cave! The man then decided to take the pup and 3 birds, who are still small to fly. No one can believe that 3 birds and a puppy can live peacefully together, but it really happened.

The man was so happy to have saved a puppy and 3 little birds. The man took the animals to take care of them. So, he started feeding the pup with milk using a syringe, and the birds with bird bran. He also trained the dog to feed on its own.

The man said that it is really hard to be in a place of a mama especially for the birds, but he will try to do what he can to them the love they deserve.

Watch the video below.

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