Quiz Challenge: Do You Think You’re Smarter Than a 3rd Grader? Prove it.

If asked, most of us would probably say that we are pretty satisfied with our current level of intelligence. In fact, most folks consider themselves to be pretty smart cookies. However, in most cases, people dramatically overestimate how much they really know. Sometimes we just don’t know as quite as much about certain things as we would like to think we do. And that’s okay. After all, life is a continuous learning process, and people who go through life thinking that they know everything is rather boring and completely miss the point of the adventure. Finding out things we didn’t know before is part of the fun! In this quiz, we offer questions most third graders learn the answer to in school. Sometimes finding out you didn’t know something can be humbling, but it can also be an exciting opportunity to expand your learning. Now according to the makers of this quiz, about nine out of ten 3rd graders can pass this test. Do you feel you’re smarter than a third-grader when it comes to your knowledge of animals?  Why not give this fun quiz a try and see how much you know?