Orphaned Racoon Who Has Been Adopted By Rescue Dog Believes Now She’s One Of Them

This story speaks about Oreo and Toffee, 2 Royal Bahamian Potcake rescue dogs, and Pumpkin, a Bahamian raccoon. The family rescued the raccoon when she was only 3 days old after falling out of a tree in their yard.

However, the family did not take the raccoon directly to see if she would be picked up by her parents, but no one of her family appeared! The family then called the officials of the wildlife to tell them about the raccoon, but they were told that the raccoon was not able to survive in the woods all alone as it was too young.

So, the family decided to adopt the raccoon as they did not bear seeing her pass away in the backyard. Fortunately, there’s no law to prevent keeping raccoons in the Bahamas, where she lives. Thankfully, the cute raccoon survived and is having a great life with her family. She is now one year old and having a great time with her two doggy brothers. How adorable! Watch the video below.

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