Rowan Atkinson Hits Out At Cancel Culture In Comedy Claims That Every Joke Has A Victim

Rowan Atkinson, an English actor who became famous for silent comedy as Mr. Bean, has said that jokes should be allowed to be made about anything!


Atkinson believes that comedy should have no limits, especially that over recent years, many comedians have been criticized for introducing materials that are very near the knuckle.

He’s previously made a rally against cancel culture asking to change the laws of cancellation to remove the word ‘insult’ from the United Kingdom’s Public Order Bill.


In an interview with the Irish Times, Rowan said that comedy can’t be limited to the potential of offending as the main idea of comedy is to make people laugh not to offend.


He also added that the definition of a joke is that each one of them has a victim! An idea, or something or someone is made to look silly.

He also refused the suggestion that defenseless people should not be hit by comedy, and the only people who should be hit by comedy are who are in power!


He said that comedians should not be very careful about their jokes as it does not give you real comedy!


He explains his opinion by saying that if they are people, who are not in monarchies or in power, but they are self-satisfied, aggressive, arrogant, and extremely smug, should not they be materials of comedy?!



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