School Bus Refused To Pick Up This Child, Strange Car Stops To Offer Him A Ride

There is no bus service for some students who go to Carriage Hill Elementary School. Gabe and his mom, Kim, have to walk two miles every morning and then two miles after school. Kim is a full-time student and single mom. She can’t afford a car. After Kim and Gabe had been featured on the news, an incredible thing happened. A complete stranger pulled up next to them as they were walking to school. The woman, Becky Novotny, asked if she could give Gabe a ride to school – she was going there to drop off her child, and it wouldn’t be a problem. Isn’t that amazing?! Simple human kindness. Now Gabe and Kim don’t have to walk all that way to get to school! Take a look at the above video
Becky picks up Gabe in the morning and drops him at home in the afternoon! Just when you thought there were no kind souls left on Earth. Share away, people!