Siblings Face Off On The Ice And Perform A Risky Routine That Leaves People Screaming

What do you think of when someone discusses a spectator sport. For some people, the options are limited to football or baseball but the fact is, there are many different sports out there that pull in a big audience. That is especially true when the athletes who are taking part in the sport are highly skilled. A good example of this is figure skating. When the right people are out on the ice, it is nothing short of amazing and millions will tune in to enjoy the show. It is incredible to watch how effortlessly the skaters are able to glide over the ice. Some perform on their own but when they have a partner and the two of them are working well together, it is going to be enough to take your breath away. That is the case with John and Sinead . They are more than skating partners, they are brother and sister. When they are out on the ice, however, you wouldn’t know they are siblings. They move so effortlessly it is almost like they aren’t touching the ice.
These Scottish skating partners have learned their way around the ice with a lot of practice and dedication. They perform a freestyle type of ice dancing and since they got their start together, they have elevated the sport to a new level.
When they were performing at the World Figure Skating Championships in Sweden as is seen in this video, it was almost as if they brought the dance to life. The video is from 2008 and both of them were wearing ‘skirts’ when they were on the ice but for John, it was a traditional Scottish kilt. The music also went along with the costume.
One of the more theatrical parts of the dance is when Sinead is hanging onto her brother upside down. She is only holding on with one hand and John isn’t using any hands. The crowd falls in love with their dance. At the end of their performance, the judges hand out the rewards. They are impressed but they are not the only ones. The crowd loves what they have seen.
You can watch the dance in the video.