Struggling Lunch Lady Has Breakdown

Have you ever heard the expression, it takes a village to raise a child? If you have children, think about how many different people had an impact on their lives. There certainly is a lot of truth to the statement and the school system plays its part as well. The parents obviously have the primary responsibility to raise a child but the children also spend a lot of time behind the walls of the school. It is sometimes people at the school that impact them the most. One of the individuals who works at Teton High School in Idaho is Cheryl Stewart. She isn’t the principal and she is not a teacher but she does take care of the students by providing them with nutritious lunches and she loves her job. She has been faithful to the job for many years and the children who interact with her often don’t know that there is something going on behind the scenes. When you hear about what has happened to her, it will likely touch your heart very deeply. Cheryl is a cancer survivor but she also supports her husband, who is fighting a battle with lupus and prostate cancer. It has not been going well. The family was impacted because now she is caring for all of the family finances. To make ends meet she has taken on cleaning jobs, bakes rolls for funerals and does whatever she can. She works from morning till night and it is stressful. Things have got even worse for Cheryl because of car problems. Her engine was having problems and she couldn’t fix it so for now, she was borrowing her parent’s car to get back and forth to work. She also needs to have surgery on her foot and she is having it done over winter break so that she doesn’t miss work. In the middle of everything that was going on her boss called her in for an emergency shift. There was a man waiting there with a microphone to greet her, however, and she was visibly shaken as she walked down the hall. Watch this video to see what they had in store for her: