Stunning New Bridge In Vietnam Looks Like Something Out Of A Fairytale

Vietnam is one of those countries that may not be at the top of your list to visit but it really should be near the top. It is a beautiful country with plenty to offer. It doesn’t matter if you are looking at the natural side of Vietnam or if you are in the city, there is going to be plenty to do and see. Someone could go on and on about the things that Vietnam has to offer but we like to settle in on one particular site that is worth the trip alone. It is a bridge outside of Da Nang and it is suspended in the air on two gigantic stone hands.

You can find this bridge 1400 m above sea level in the Ba Na Hills. Not only is it a beautiful sight to see, it also offers impressive vistas of the surrounding countryside. It is officially known as the Golden Bridge, because of the gold color. As it curves its way through the elegant design for approximately 150 m, it has walkways that are lined with chrysanthemums and everything was made to be beautiful. Perhaps the best part is the fact that it is resting on sculpted hands.

The firm that designed the bridge was TA Landscape Architecture and the stones appear as if they are carved individually. They weren’t, however, and the designer explains what happened:

“We designed the skeleton of the hands and covered them with steel meshes. Then we finished with fiberglass and added the theaming on it. The entire construction of the bridge took about a year.”

As more people continue to go to Vietnam and discover the beauty that it has to offer, this structure has real benefit. The investment that went into it is only part of the $2 billion worth of money that is designed to increase how many visitors come to Vietnam every year. If you are interested in visiting the bridge, either online or in person, you can start by looking at the pictures on this page:

It appears as if it is held in the air with giant hands

The Golden Bridge is 1400 m above sea level and located in the Ba Na Hills.

It was opened in June.

It offers impressive views of the surrounding countryside.

The gold colored walkway is lined with chrysanthemums.

It is 150 m long from one end to the other.

It is absolutely incredible to see.

The hands help to make it special.

More people are coming to visit Vietnam.

The country is a great place to visit.

$2 billion is being invested for tourism and this structure is a part of that investment.

They currently get 1.5 million annual visitors and they are looking to increase that number.

Are you ready to visit?

People love the design: