Bird Hugs Its Rescuer By Wrapping Itself Around His Neck

It is regarded that swans are not approachable or affectionate animals. What is thought approximately them is their aggressiveness and being territorial. That’s why the instant of an injured swan hugging the tv display ‘Born To discover’ host went viral.
At some stage in a go to to the Abbotsbury Swannery in the uk, Richard Wiese got here throughout the swan, that injured herself after flying into a sequence-hyperlink fence.
Fortunately, he was able to rescue it. But what happened next was completely heartwarming! The swan decided to relax by wrapping its neck around Richard’s.
When the swan was handled by Wiese, he did not attack or recoil in fear. He just realized that he was saved, so, he gives Wiese a hug he will never forget. How adorable!
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