Teacher Apologizes After Forcing Boy To Remove Religious Symbol On Ash Wednesday

Christianity is still the most popular religion in the United States with millions of adherents celebrating their faith each year. Ash Wednesday is a yearly occurrence where Christians receive ash markings in the shape of a cross on their foreheads. It is common for members to leave these markings on all day. One Utah student was asked by his teacher to remove the marking. William McLeod gladly explained the meaning of the ashes to his fellow classmates. However, the fourth-grade teacher did not see this as a justifiable reason. She told William that the marking was not appropriate for the school. She helped William wipe off the cross with sanitizing wipes. The teacher and principal of the school contacted the student’s family about the event. William’s grandmother was furious about what had happened. She did not appreciate how the teacher handled the situation. Officials from the Davis School District are currently addressing the issue. They have reported that this sort of treatment is not acceptable. The school district does not want students to feel unable to express their religious views or practices. There is nothing wrong with wearing a religious symbol in class. The teacher has apologized to William. It is possible that she receives disciplinary action for her conduct. Several news outlets have already contacted and interviewed William’s family to get their take on the situation. In a video interview with the family, William can still be seen wearing the faded cross on his forehead.   What do you think about this situation?