Teacher Takes Man’s Picture At McDonald’s As He’s Talking To Old Lady And Tells Him “I hope you know, you’re going to go viral.”

Amanda Craft is a teacher in Noblesville, Indiana. She was with a group of other teachers enjoying a get-together at the local McDonalds. Like most of us, Amanda thought her day was going along like any other but then something happened that really grabbed her attention. She had overheard the conversation between a young man and an older woman. There was a difference between the two but when she heard what was said, she couldn’t keep quiet.

When she heard what was said, she took a picture of the two of them. She was particularly interested in the man, whom she later learned was Eric Haralson. Eventually, she had to leave the restaurant but not before telling Eric: “I hope you know, you’re going to go viral.”

When Amanda was able, she posted the picture she took on social media. She also revealed the entire story, saying that the elderly woman appeared to be lonely and she asked Eric if she could join him at his table.

“Without hesitation, this guy said, ‘of course,’” Amanda said.

She continued: “Shout out to this guy! My friends and I watched him introduce himself and shake her hand. They talked and laughed together like they were friends. They didn’t know each other, and they couldn’t be more different. But, today, they shared a meal together and it touched our hearts.”

Before long, her prediction that he would go viral came true. The same also happened to Jan, his companion.

Eric said: “She said she just wanted a little conversation, because no one likes to eat alone.”

He saved her a spot and a friendship was started.

It even ended well because they exchanged phone numbers and said they would get together again to continue their conversation.

I love it when things like this happen.