Teachers Accused Mom of These Two Twin Sisters of Lying About Them Having the Same Dad

When they were born, Millie and Marcia Biggs looked very much alike. However, today, most folks would be shocked to learn that they are twins. In July of 2016, Michael and Amanda Biggs were thrilled to finally welcome their twin daughters into the world. Both parents were filled with joy and promised to love both girls forever. Like most parents raising twins, the couple soon learned that their girls had very different personalities. However, as the months passed, they also noticed something else—one of their daughter’s skin starting to change dramatically. At first, the top of Millie’s ears and fingers began to darken. Then her new skin tone spread across her entire body.

Initially, the parents thought that Macia’s skin would similarly darken over time; however, in her case, it actually got a bit lighter. Their hometown of Birmingham, UK, has a long and ugly history of racial tensions. The parents would later learn just how rare the skin condition that their daughters share was, as it only happens to one in a million twins. The condition is called atavism, and it resulted due to the very different genetic makeup of both parents. However, the couple also learned that there are no negative health issues associated with the condition.

However, due to their very different skin tones, folks around town began to talk. For example, Amanda recalls a story in which she was pushing both sisters in a pushchair, and people would express their doubts about the girls being sisters because they seemed to be two different races. Fortunately, Michael and Amanda found that those uncomfortable experiences were relatively rare as most folks were understandably curious but also very accepting.

But, once the twins were starting attending school together, their complexions quickly drew the attention of the other students. A few of the other kids just thought they were best friends. However, once they learned the truth, they were confused but ultimately very accepting as well.

Today, the two sisters are still the best of friends and claim to do nearly everything together. Both enjoy singing and dancing, but they also have their own unique tastes in clothing and personal styles. Millie favors a more girly look, while Marcia is a bit of a tomboy who loves gymnastics.

Thankfully, the twins say that they’ve never personally experienced any incidents of racism. However, their father notes that he certainly has experienced his unfair share. But seeing his twins thriving has shown him just how far this world has come since he was a kid.

Once the twins turned 11, they decided to use their rare genetics to address racism on an international level. They would appear in a campaign that broke down race as a social construct.

The girls are now teenagers and attend the same school. However, in the coming years, they are bound for university, and it’s highly likely they will move to different cities, perhaps even different countries.

However, no matter what happens in their lives, they will always be there for each other, as many twins are. We certainly hope that both Millie and Marcia go on to lead very happy and successful lives. You can watch a National Geographic special featuring the sisters in the video below.