Teens Light Up The Dance Floor and Blow Judges Socks Off To Win 1st Place at the Shag Grand Nationals

When it comes to dancing, most of the time, today’s youth are not interested in learning the styles of yesteryear; after all, they have their own music and forms of expression. But, believe it or not, there are teens who are not looking to create the next big TikTok dance and who actually take the time to master many dancing styles that even predate their parents and grandparents.  This is the case for Trinity Davis and her partner Mack West, who both proved not only to be the exception to the rule but have brought new life and excitement to the classic dance style known as Shag. In 2017, these teens managed to grab first place at the Grand National Junior One Championship.

Carolina Shag is a style of Shag created on the beaches of South Carolina; the dance was all the rage with the teens of that era. The movements of this dance are very smooth, fluid, and laid back, which perfectly reflects a carefree beach lifestyle, notes Discover South Carolina. The dance consists of several series of steps backward and forward, while the partners both switch their weight from side to side. Back in those days, youngsters would dance on beaches for fun. That sure beats playing Xbox for hours in your friend’s room. But then again, those were very different times.

Trinity and Mack not only proved that Shag isn’t dead, but they were able to show just how exciting this style can be with their fun and energetic performance. As soon as the NYC song” by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown band began to play, the teens were smooth steppin’ up a storm without missing a single beat.

The best part is how they make the entire performance seem so smooth and natural, as though they just made it up and had not rehearsed at all! Now, this is what true dancing looks like, in my humble opinion! You can watch these teens cut a rug and bring home the 1st place trophy in the video