Tell Me the Shape Of Your Thumb And I Will Reveal Your Personality

The human thumb is absolutely amazing. It is one of the most diverse and unique items on the planet, because it really separates humans from animals in many different ways. Although it is interesting, we don’t really give our thumb much credit. At times, we may not even remember that it is there unless it is sore, and then we can’t forget about it. There is something else unique about us and that is our personality. If you consider something about yourself, you may just recognize that not everybody knows you for who you are. In fact, you may not even know yourself. That is about to change because the thumb can actually reveal a lot about your personality. Although this is just a fun test, you might be surprised that it actually tells you something you didn’t know about yourself. Which thumb type are you? 1. Type A – Upper Half Larger Than Lower Half You tend to be somebody that really goes for the gusto. When you do something, it is never halfway. Your desire to excel dominates your personality and it is something that most people recognize about you. Even if you are sitting quietly in a room, you will be thinking about how you can resolve certain issues in life. You might also look at your goals and obsess over them on an ongoing basis. That being said, when you do achieve something, it really humbles you. 2. Type B – Lower Half Bigger Than Upper Half You share the quality of humility with type A but rather than looking to the future, you often look to the past. You think about who you are and where you originated from and it really guides you in life. Because you tend to be humble, you also look to things that most people tend to look beyond. You appreciate the little things in life and that endears you to many people. You also have an appreciation for the friendship and love that you find in family and those that are closest to you. 3. Type C – Upper and Lower Are Equal Size Like your thumb, you tend to look for balance in life. You want everything to be in harmony and if something is not quite in harmony, you will do what you can to achieve that goal. At times, this can work to your advantage because you will always look for the bright side when the glass is half-empty. At the same time, however, you may wait for the other shoe to drop when the glass is half-full. 4. Type D – Your Thumb Is Flexible Not only is it convenient to have a flexible thumb, but it also means that you have to adapt. You adapt to almost everything in life, looking for a way to keep up with any changes that happen to come down your path. Your flexibility also moves over to your convictions, although you will not stop standing up for what you truly believe in. That being said, if you discover that you were truly wrong in any situation, you will be quick to come over to the correct side. 5. Type E – Inflexible If you aren’t able to flex your thumb, you are a stubborn individual that tends to dominate everyone around you. You are not willing to bend to anyone’s rules and guidance but rather, you just want things to go your way. In other words, it’s your way or the highway. Although that may be true, you are also very trustworthy and loyal. You will stick with someone until the very end if you believe in their cause.